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Lesław Walaszczyk

Lesław WalaszczykLesław Walaszczyk
Vice President of Management Board

Lesław Walaszczyk (40 y.), was born and lives in Czestochowa. He also defended his thesis here at the Technical University of Czestochowa describing the outsourcing of human resources at automotive factories. He started his career at Work Service, which led to become a market leader in employee leasing in large stores in Silesia. Then he was responsible for creating the structure of field promotions agency Great Open House, where he was responsible for realization of projects for companies such as Masterfoods, Unilever and Danone. In 2005 he started his adventure with Exact Systems. Lesław Walaszczyk is a co-owner and vice president. Exact Systems has been awarded many prizes and distinctions awarded by the business community and government, including received the "Business Gazelle" and "European Medal".
Privately, husband and father of two sons. He spends his free time by mountain hiking and playing volleyball.