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Radovan Meleš

Radovan Meleš

General Manager of Exact Systems Slovakia s.r.o
General Manager of Exact Systems Czech s.r.o

Radovan Meleš is a General Manager of Exact Systems Slovakia and also Exact Systems Czech Republic. He is also responsible for leadership and governance in both countries.

He start his job in Exact Systems Slovakia in 2008 like an Operational Manger. Under his leadership, the company Exact Systems Slovakia developed into the largest and one of the best service provider in Slovakia. From the year 2012 he has managed the Exact Systems Czech in Czech Republic, which also starts to be a leader of sorting and rework services on the Czech market.

Mr. Radovan Meleš graduated at University Bratislava with study of Economics and Management in Public Administration. His professional education – MBA - Financial management and strategic business management at the Institute of Professional Studies in Ostrava.

In a free time he likes read books, cycling, skiing.